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Cascadia Gardens

Cascadia Gardens is a family owned & operated recreational cannabis Producer and Processor in Bellingham, WA. “We used to dream of making something like this happen. We spent years talking about jumping in when the time was right, and here we are.” said David Scheibner, Co-Owner and CEO of Cascadia. After spending nearly a decade using cannabis together, the great minds came together to form a cannabis company built around its people.

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Our Newest Vendor: Agro Couture

Made for the connoisseur, Agro Couture focuses on producing exotic heirloom Cannabis products with strict quality control and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our live resin concentrates are small-batch produced to ensure freshness and are bursting with aromas. These concentrates are extremely satisfying and potent. Our private reserve flower is glistening with trichomes, cured to perfection, and packed full of exotic flavors. Follow our journey @agrocouture

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Phat Panda

Combining inspiration with innovation, a team of over 550 dedicated professionals contributes blending the most progressing growing techniques to produce some of the best products on the market. A state-of-the-art growing facility offers everything from edibles produced in-house to the exceptional texture of dabs and high terpene extracts for an extensive selection of top-shelf cannabis. 

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Specializing in dual-use cannabis vaporizers, PAX products are strenuously tested to ensure reliability against heat, humidity, UV, salt spray, and more, providing long-term functionality in all kinds of conditions. Backed by 10-year warranties and offering long-lasting battery life and extraordinary flavor and vapor, PAX fashionable, portable and discreet vaporizers allow for multiple sessions and enjoyment without recharging.

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C4 Canna Burst

For fruity flavors and long-lasting effects, C4 Canna Burst offers an unbeatable array of tasty edibles. Choose from sativa, indica, hybrid, or CBD in strawberry, grape, or berry. The shape and size of Starburst candy, these delicious little squares pack a punch with 10mg of THC each.

Northwest Cannabis Solutions

Edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, and flowers galore, Northwest Cannabis Solutions exemplify quality. Prioritizing the end-user experience, the team at NWCS starts with forward-thinking growing techniques, adds in innovative culinary exploration, and strives tirelessly to continually improve and always offer some of the most enjoyed and trusted strains available.

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Paris Cannabis

Cultivating exceptional flower for over 15 years, Paris Cannabis takes those extra steps to ensure integrity and freshness you’ll appreciate in every hit. The process is meticulously controlled from seed to smoke. There are no chemicals used in the cultivation process, and all plants are harvested weekly. All strains are created in-house and are considered favorites of smokers worldwide.

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Freya Farms

With precision control over an isolated grow environment, Freya Farms optimizes quality at every stage of plant development. Temperature, humidity, water, CO2 levels, nutrient flow, and every little detail is accounted for to develop the perfect final bud. The family team brings their own style to a process that results in healthy plants, beautiful flower, and world-renowned cannabis.

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Pioneer Nuggets

Offering purebred indicas and sativas as well as a variety of hybrids, Pioneer Nuggets is devoted to outstanding aroma, flavor, and effects. Every member of the team is 100% committed to the hand-crafted all-natural and evolving methods that distinguish their line of options. Always evolving their strain roster, Pioneer Nuggets specializes in lifestyle solutions that inspire loyalty from their customers.

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Playa Grande

Specializing in small-batch cannabis cultivation, Playa Grande is particular about the phenotypes in their line up, choosing by specific terpenes, profiles, plant structure, trichome production, and characteristics that are unique. Their flower and pre-rolls are truly one-of-a-kind and reflect a foundation of the family.

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JV Ranch

Family owned and operated, JV Ranch is situated near the Columbia Gorge in gorgeous Klickitat County. Their grow facility produces local favorites and through a wide variety of top-shelf products, offers something for every taste and preference.

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Green Revolution

Tinctures, topicals, vapes, edibles, concentrates, beverages, joysticks, and an extensive list of innovative products from Green Revolution heighten the positives in daily living and shrink the negatives. Providing for every preference, you’re going to find the options to promote a healthier, more positive outlook.

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New and exciting strains stay true to the therapeutic capability and full-spectrum flavor Mfused is known for. Seeking to improve everyday lives, they continue to expand with safe, potent, and pure products that represent many years of research and development.

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Harmony Farms

Having earned a reputation of excellence, Harmony Farms uses all-natural techniques. Decades of grow knowledge support cutting edge technology to grow and process prized flowers with minimal environmental impact. Organic pest management ensures safety. Each strain is grown in a separate room to customize the environment to optimize the plant’s health. The result is a clean burn and the purest taste around.

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From premium Lebanese hash, infused pre-rolls, and solventless rosin to concentrate, Sitka produces some of the most popular cannabis products on the market. Aroma, flavor, effects, and appearance all combine into a great choice for any connoisseur interested in a potent product and rich terpenes. When you’re looking for heavier effects than regular flower, try out their infused joints and dry sift hash.

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Rays Lemonade

Everybody’s favorite popular infused cannabis beverage, Ray’s Lemonade is available in original, strawberry, huckleberry, and blood orange for both 25-milligram intermediate and 75-milligram expert level doses. All of the flower processed into oil for these beverages is grown by their facility.

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My Bud Vase

Shop one-of-a-kind smoking devices. My Bud Vase creates unique collectibles you’ll love for the artistry and beauty as well as perfection of performance. These products suit the sophisticated smoker, offering a quality and creative solution for display or discretion. 

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Distinguished as one of the few companies that meet and exceed Department of Health requirements, Fairwinds adheres to exacting standards of products. They test for mycotoxins, heavy metals, and prohibited pesticides to ensure the quality and consistency of their capsules, vape cartridges, coffee, topicals, tinctures, suppositories, and more.

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With cannabis grown in soil rich in proprietary nutrient soil and natural sunlight, Leafwerx is known for its cleanliness, effects, and flavor. Focusing attention on the holistic properties of the plant, classic strains, modern crosses, local favorites and specialty selections all ensure a perfect choice for your preference, mood, and expectations.

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Formulated entirely from plant-derived and natural ingredients, Wildflower CBD and cannabis wellness products are focused on and inspired by holistic wellness. All-natural CBD soaps created from top quality whole-plant extracts and coconut are designed to cleanse and improve overall skin health. Topicals formulated with broad-spectrum CBD both cool and soothe. 

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Smokey Point Productions

It’s all about the details. At Smokey Point Productions, each plant is individually cared for and hand-fed a 100% all-natural compost that is brewed in-house. By using organic tea rather than synthetic fertilizers, helpful bacteria supplies food to the plants. Through the use of beneficial predatory organisms, the dedicated team of 18 gardeners avoids harmful chemical pesticide sprays. From dabs, flower, vapes, and infused joints to one-of-a-kind collector edition jars, there’s something for everyone, including Kallisto and Regulator!

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Puffco provides concentrate consumption devices of the highest quality, so your consumption experience is fully clean, potent, and flavorful. Their selection of unique vaporizers and vape pens are created with the best design, engineering, and technology available.

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