American Harvest is your destination for Genuine American Cannabis. Women-owned and operated, we are a boutique-style shop offering a recreational and medicinal menu of higher quality at competitive prices. Located in greater Leavenworth and surrounding areas, we are an approximate six-minute drive from Leavenworth and within easy reach from everywhere throughout Dryden, Peshastin, Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Cashmere, and Monitor, WA.

Efficient Curbside Cannabis Pickup

Customizing our marijuana products to suit the expansive needs of our clients, each and every vendor and option is strenuously researched and verified before inclusion on our menu. Ask us anything about our selection of loose flower, conveniently packaged pre-rolls, or a variety of vape cartridges. We know the answer.  We can tell you all about our concentrates, edibles, drinks, and more, and assure you they are the finest you’ll find.

Order your cannabis products today for curbside pickup!

In an effort to provide convenience as well as accessibility, American Harvest offers curbside pick-up. Enjoy free, discreet parking in the back of the store. Hidden from the highway, you benefit from privacy, avoid the lines and receive your order delivered right to your vehicle. Check out our Recreational or Medical pages and don’t hesitate to get in touch at (509)-470-9449 for further information.

Marijuana Pickup in Monitor, WA | Cannabis Dispensary Peshastin, WA | Cannabis Curbside Pickup Cashmere, WA

Cannabis Curbside Pickup, Marijuana Pickup & Cannabis Dispensary Cashmere, WA, Wenatchee, WA, Peshastin, WA, Monitor, WA, Dryden, WA & Leavenworth, WA

Cannabis Curbside PickupCannabis DispensaryMarijuana StoreMarijuana Pickup ∴ Dryden, WA ∴ Leavenworth, WA ∴ Wenatchee, WA

Our Favorite Brands & Affiliates

You can view more info about the brands and products we have in stock here.

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